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About Us

RCK Preschool provides a dynamic learning environment that is supported by carefully selected materials and encourages open-ended, imaginative play. These learning tools include: blocks, paints, clay, dress-up clothing and accessories, dolls, musical instruments, books, puzzles, play kitchens with pretend food, housekeeping equipment, science exhibits, plants, and more.

Our daily program is designed to be fun, engaging, and intellectually stimulating. Thus, we balance alternating periods of active and quiet "work-play," which allows time for free play, games, stories, snacks, group discussion, outdoor play and field trips.


Activities include:

  • Art

  • Outdoor sensory & vegetable garden

  • Birthday celebrations

  • Mystery readers

  • Music specialist

  • School photos

  • Nature walks

  • Classroom exhibits

  • Music

  • Singing games

  • Musical instruments

  • An extensive supply of building materials

  • A well-stocked lending library

  • "Circle Time"

  • Daily calendar time

  • Creative movement specials

  • Daily outdoor play

  • Cooking

  • Wood-working

  • Field trips

  • Community activities and more.

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