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Our History

Established in 1959 as a private, non-profit nursery school, Ridgefield Community Kindergarten, commonly referred to as RCK Preschool, offers a comfortable and supportive child-centered atmosphere that encourages children to learn through play and experimentation. 

RCK Preschool is currently located in North Hall on the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church campus. In 2023, RCK moved from its previous location in the Lounsbury House, Ridgefield’s historic community center, across the street to our beautiful new home.  We are excited about this next chapter for our beloved 64 year old preschool.


Our philosophy is to help children develop skills to the best of their abilities so they can take pride in what they know and what they can do. We are dedicated to assisting each child in finding a comfortable and contributing place in his or her own group.  Our goal is to enrich the whole child - physically, emotionally and intellectually.


We foster independence, social development - sharing, self-mastery, conflict resolution - and early literacy and mathematical skills. We place special emphasis on developing respect for oneself and others. 

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