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Four's Class

The 4's Class Key Skills:

In our fabulous fours class, we begin each day with free play centers inspired by our theme of the week. The children explore and discover independently with manipulatives offered. At snack time our class gets opportunities to use their self-help skills, verbal conversation, and manners. We have unstructured play every day and encourage gross motor activities such as swinging, running, jumping, and kicking balls.  Our day is filled with small group activities including letter recognition, rhyming words, sequencing, counting, geography and science experiments.  At the end of each day we gather around for a story. After each story we have a group discussion that shows our understanding of what was read.

  • Demonstrate self-direction and independence

  • Take responsibility for own well-being

  • Respect and care for classroom and materials

  • Share and respect the rights of others

  • Name most letters in the alphabet (upper & lower)

  • Recognize print around them

  • Recognize beginning sounds and words that rhyme

  • Follow directions with several steps

  • Ask questions and make comments that show understanding of a book 

  • Write recognizable letters, especially those in his/her own name

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